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Heating improvements, installations and repairs

Heatcare can offer a range of different heating solutions that can be specifically tailored to your needs, from replacement radiators to underfloor heating systems and gas fires or a System flush or Powerflush. Heatcare will be able to provide a cost effective and efficient solution. 


Heatcare offer a wide range of high quality radiators and towel rails for your property. All radiators from our standard range will come with side panels and top grilles.


Heatcare are also able to offer a number of different styles, ensuring that the radiators that are fitted suit the interior of your property. We also have compact and vertical options available, providing further room design options and heating possibilities. On the subject of design options, should you wish for the radiators to be in another colour, simply let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Further to the extensive range of traditional radiators offered, we also have a selection of towel rails, that come in a choice of white, chrome or stainless steel. 

All radiators supplied by Heatcare come as standard with TRV's that will be fitted by a member of our team. 

Gas fires

Gas fires - Gas fires offer the ultimate convenience. At just the click of a button you can enjoy the real flames of a living fire without the hassle and mess of a solid fuel fire. The air will be clean and your room will be warm. A gas fire will also give that cosy feeling during the coldest days of winter, linked with traditional wood fires. Remember that your Fire should be serviced every year, you can get your appliance booked in for a service by calling our office team. 

Power flush

Power flushing is used to clear a central heating system of magnetite 'sludge' that builds in the system over time. Caused over a number of years by dissolved metal that is held in the water of a hot water and/or heating system, without a power flush your heating will likely develop some of the following issues; cold spots on your radiators, poor circulation, increased noise from the system, dirty water found when radiators are bled. All of these issues will reduce the efficiency of your system which will lead to higher bills as the system will need to work harder. 

Heatcare offer and highly recommend a power flush with any new boiler installation to ensure it can run efficiently and you will have no concern of contaminated water passing through the system. 

Heatcare perform all of their power flush's in conjunction with a magnacleanse system, which removes any magnetic particles from the system. A power flush will normally be completed with in a day, including re-flling the system at which point we will add a corrosion inhibitor, to combat further corrosion of the system. 

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